Nintendo Switch: Year One

Today is exactly a year since the Switch was released and because I am the way I am, it’s also a year since I bought one. It’s been a great year in gaming and the Switch has been a major factor.

The release day games weren’t exactly plentiful but they did include GOTY Breath of the Wild. I very rarely play games long enough to properly finish them. The Switch changed that. Now I can play on the TV and when it’s time for bed I can take it with me and keep going. This fact allowed me to happily sink over 75 hours into Breath of the Wild. Calling it one of the best games I’ve ever played is an understatement. The setting, the way the game plays and of course, the fact I could play on the toilet all come together to make a perfect game. The only problem was those 75 hours were over in a week or 2 then there were no triple A games and wouldn’t be until Mario Odyssey.

Having said that I really enjoyed all the eshop games I’ve bought. Shovel Knight is a highlight. There’s something about the Switch that makes some games better then they would be on PS4. Another fantastic game that’s worth the money is Golf Story. A golf-based RPG with the humour of Earthbound. The switch really shines because of its indie scene. So many games are available for under £20 and every bit as good as a full-price game.

Since November the great games have been coming thick and fast. Mario Odyssey, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. Finally they’re over their slump and now the Switch has over 300 games available. Combine that with its social aspect and the fact that it is actually capable of couch co-op and once again Nintendo have hit the ball out of the park.

My switch is the first console I’ve had the balls to modify. The joy-con have so many colours available, but I went the extra mile and made mine clear. A surprisingly easy thing to do and you might agree it looks badass.

Nintendo just did the smart thing and re-released yet another Wii/U game: Bayonetta and its sequel. I’ve never played them and it was payday so I bought the first one. Nice guy Nintendo will knock £15 off the price of the sequel if I want it. I probably will. Damn them.

When Nintendo finally start their online service, this console will only get stronger. Honestly anyone that was on the fence about it, get one now and if you didn’t like the look of it, what’s wrong with you?!

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