5 Ways to Get More Views on Your Etsy Page

Apparently I didn’t learn from my last listicle, which was more like an essay. Oh well. I’m back to give you another, this time on the promised subject of how to get more people flocking to your Etsy store. Keep in mind that some of these points will be relevant to just about any website that sells something or other, so feel free to apply these pointers if they do!

1.) Tag, tag, tag


As mentioned before, Etsy has a wonderful tagging system. You can add up to ten appropriate tags to your listings, so use them! But use them intelligently. Think about who your art work could appeal to. Drawn a snowy or a barn owl? Get that stuff tagged as Hedwig and Harry Potter/Jareth and Labyrinth! It may not have been your intention to draw something for a fandom (an owl is an owl, after all), but fans of such franchises will adore your work. Not sure if what you’ve drawn applies to any fandoms? Do your research. It’s fairly simple to do a Google search using keywords that describe your art just to see if any related pop culture-type stuff shows up. And if something comes up? Tag your art as such.

Fan art and crafts always sell really quite well because there’s (usually) a solidly loyal fanbase attached to a TV show/comic/film etc. And if what you’ve drawn or created is related to an ongoing series? Even better – the fan base will get bigger with every new season, so monopolise on that. Which leads to…

2.) Sell your soul and draw popular characters


Okay, I was being superfluous, but you get my point. If nothing you currently have on Etsy can be tagged in relation to any popular fandoms, seriously consider making something from scratch. Fans always appreciate new content to consume, so supply it. Not really into any popular TV shows, films or anime (etc. etc.)? Just look up some of the currently talked-about shows and draw/create something for it.

This may seem like selling yourself out or being a “fake fan” but don’t listen to any of that drivel. You’re an artist and you can make what you want – and fan art gets views. All you need to drive more customers to your site is to have a few “popular” pieces that will catch the average pop culture nerd’s eye, and you’ll have those people looking at your Etsy store – where all the rest of your art is. If they like your style and you’re pleasant to buy from, these people will buy from you again…especially if you throw them a bone in the form of more fan art once in a while.

3.) StumbleUpon


For those not in the know, StumbleUpon is a website/app which people add website links to (which can also be tagged into appropriate categories if you’re feeling helpful when you upload them). Users of the service then literally click a button named “Stumble”, which will randomly take them to one of the websites added to the site. If the user has added their interests to their profile, the websites shown will always belong to their interest categories, so it’s a good way to find new things.

So the point is – upload a link to every piece of art you’re selling on Etsy to StumbleUpon (this also works very well for blog articles FYI). I can guarantee you’ll get extra views this way, and you’ll reach a far wider audience that you could have done by yourself.

4.) Social Media accounts


Seems like an obvious one, yes. But it’s often overlooked or done badly. If you’re selling art on Etsy, you should really have a Facebook page and an Instagram  account dedicated to your art. But people don’t just want to see you sharing links to your Etsy page on social media pages – they want to see how you make your art, works in progress, your work space, your materials etc. Give them nice, aesthetically pleasing photos and people will flock to your pages (especially Instagram). Make sure your Etsy page is the URL attached to your Facebook page’s “shop now” button and that it’s the website advertised in your Instagram bio. And make your Instagram a business account – that way, you can boost some of your posts by paying for the service, just like with Facebook. This doesn’t cost much and leads to your posts and photos being seen by a much larger audience, and you don’t really need to do it often – just consider doing it if you’ve posted about a piece of art you think will sell well.

Update often – otherwise people will forget about you. Seems like a pain but it’s true. And make sure you invite your friends from your personal pages to like/follow your art Facebook page/Instagram because you never know who they in turn know, and these friends of friends may turn out to be incredibly interested in your art.

Whenever you post about a finished piece, make sure to include the link to your Etsy shop, even if it’s already attached to the “shop now” button etc. People are more inclined to go to your shop if they don’t have to go looking for the link to it or search for it on Google.

5.) Selling in person


If you can find a way to sell in person, this will also affect your Etsy views. Local comic cons and market stalls are both great, relatively inexpensive routes to go down. Have  a look online to see what’s available in your local area! Get yourself some business cards with your Etsy store and social media page info on it so that you can hand them out to people who buy something from you, or even those who are interested enough to stop and look at your work. Even better, set up a discount code for your Etsy store and write it on the business cards, so people will go and have a look knowing that they’ll get money off.

When people see your art in person, they gain insight into the quality of the product, what the actual colours look like etc., so they’ll be way more inclined to buy from your Etsy shop knowing all of this.


I swore this wouldn’t get over 1000 words and I failed. 

All the best with getting more views to your store! You can check mine out here.

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